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Araceli Carrera, Artistic Director of Impulse Danza Company, Visual Artist and Art/Dance Teacher.


We all carry beauty and brilliance in our own body as we dance and create art.  It is in the way we share our essence when we move our bodies and imagine that visual art piece that we become aware of the exchange dance/art brings for self and others. No judgment in creating, experiencing or sharing, just a genuine connection to what brings LOVE through the arts.


I have been inspired by Art my whole Life and then I met Dance in 1995 and my life changed. Art and Dance became essential and a beautiful relationship was built. I find myself inspired continuously through these two art forms.
I graduated Cum Laude in 2001 from Arizona State University with a Bachelors of Art in Dance Education.
I took my first dance class with Debbie Toth in 1995 and admiring her teaching process allowed me to recognize the powerful connection with my body as a mover. Debbie along with Lani Weissbach, Mary Fitzgerald, Melissa Rolnick,Young Ae-Park and Kathy Lindholm Lane provided beautiful ways to grow as a dancer/teacher/artist. Having the support and the independence to find and connect with who I was as a mover made me want to teach dance.

I love to teach but I'm a student at heart, after graduating from Arizona State University I came back home to San Diego and met Eveoke Dance Theatre. EDT became a place where I developed my teacher voice, I felt blessed to teach outreach, academics through dance, create costumes, visual art and be company dancer. 
In 2006 I parted ways with EDT and went to CUBA where I studied Afro Cuban Dance.  In Cuba I discovered rhythms that moved my soul in ways I had never experienced.  I was in CUBA close to a month and I took master classes from Cutumba, Ban Ra Ras and Narciso Medina. I was invited to also teach a master class for these companies and the opportunity to teach both Ban Ra Ras and Narciso Medina's Company was amazing!!!! 
Once again feeling blessed and inspired in Cuba.  I came back to San Diego and began training with two powerhouse master teachers Silfredo La O Vigo, (2005-2007) and in 2008 joined Omo Ache Afro Cuban dance company directed by Juan Carlos Blanco. 

Since 2001 I continue to build an incredible supportive art/dance community. I actively teach academics through Dance and Visual Art consistently throughout San Diego, California independently and through prestigious non profit organizations. I have mentored teaching artists, choreographed for dance companies/studios, festivals and special events. Exhibited my own work and created art work for the dance stage. In 2011 I had the opportunity to perform and teach in the Dominican Republic as part of the 3-city dance tour with Eveoke Dance Theatre dance production Las Mariposas. In 2012, held the title of Arts Education Director where I created a touring dance school show titled I Speak...Dance!. From 2015-2018 I had the opportunity to build my own Arte y Danza class as an Exploratory teacher at High Tech Elementary in Point Loma.  In 2018 I began to lead professional development workshops and classes to classroom and teaching artists through Art for Learning San Diego.  The experience of teaching Teachers has been truly inspiring and this connection continues its growth. 
I am the Director of Impulse Danza Company and feel blessed to continue cultivating a strong bridge for Art, Modern and Afro Caribbean Dance. 
I am an artist that craves the exchange of art/dance and that marvelous impulse that motivates me to act on what builds, creates, explores and connects to arte.

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