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why arte? 

because it allows for a distinctive language to be born through textures, colors and intention!               

Araceli Carrera Arte Classes



interested in learning a specific arte technique?    Exploring different arte mediums and materials?

clase de arte with araceli carrera

private or group lessons for everyone and all levels welcome!



where: class directed through zoom (Must download zoom app to participate)

when: email to schedule

lesson: arte technique of your choice (examples of lessons you can choose from below)

Time: 1 hour art lesson


cost: $35-$55 sliding scale per household 

payment through venmo or check

venmo to @artaceli-carrera







arte techniques

  • watercolor painting

  • acrylic painting

  • drawing

  • sgraffitto

  • collage

  • illustration

  • oil pastels drawing

  • soft pastels drawing

  • paper masks

  • paper puppets

  • soft foam printmaking

  • charcoal drawing

  • paint scraping

arte mediums

  • watercolor

  • acrylic

  • oil pastels

  • soft pastels

  • pencil/graphite

  • ballpoint pen

  • sharpie or sakura pen

  • colored pencils

  • tempera

  • charcoal

Arte materials​

​​all​ art lessons can be done on various types of paper, some in aluminum foil, canvas or any surface that will bring clarity to the art technique.

art material within each art lesson will be designed and discussed with student in mind.

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the language taught in arte dives deeply into technique and intention.  questions, wondering, discoveries and a kind respect for the process is what inspires the beautiful exchange between araceli carrera and her students.


"I've had the pleasure of taking art classes and dance classes from araceli.  one of the qualities of her art teaching style that I most admire is her ability to highlight each student's individual strengths.  she encourages her students to trust their choices, problem solve and be gentle with themselves in their creative process.  It is such a pleasure to participate in Araceli's classes, and I look forward to many more opportunities to do so!" -Kayla 

I love Araceli's art class and have a fun time making art.  the pieces we make are beautiful and we are always encouraged to make the art our own! (also there's great music)" -Soleil

Just wanted to say thank you sooooo much for being an amazing teacher and for your presence in my life.  I cant thank you enough for the life changing experience you have brought me through the arts -Kanna

Making art with Araceli is truly magical.  After the first class I experienced, I told everyone I loved it because I wanted them to experience the joy and peace that comes through making the different art pieces in her class.  It feels so good to spend time creating something from your heart, and she helps each art student find their own purpose to put heart in their art.  My friend told me that she normally gets nervous in art classes, but with araceli (whom she had never met before), she felt free to create.  I would recommend these classes to anyone looking for little ways to create self-love and creative expression in their lives. -Julie


a kind invite to learn more about araceli carrera

art lessons you can explore

some great and inexpensive

materials used in Clase de arte

Crayola brand

colored pencils  

watercolor palette


Blick brand​

tempera paint

liquid watercolor

tru ray

sulphite heavyweight paper


water soluble oil pastels

sharpie brand

fine &ultra fine point

canson brand

mixed media paper, oil & acrylic paper

materials we use that you

might already have at home

papermate or bic pens 




copy paper


index cards

paper bags

aluminum foil



manila folders


blick art materials

artist & craftsman supply san diego



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