why arte? 

because it allows for a distinctive language to be born through textures, colors and intention!               

the language taught in arte dives deeply into technique and intention.  questions, wondering, discoveries and a kind respect for the process is what inspires the beautiful exchange between araceli carrera and her students.


a kind invite to learn more about her




amarte, means "to love" being connected in that action & feeling present within it . in a parallel way araceli describes AMArte as,  amar el arte "to love art." 


                                                          AMArte adult art class with araceli carrera

                                                                                                           every friday @ 7 pm pst all levels welcome

                                                                                                           $15.00 per class   20 spaces available

an art class where creativity allows the heart/soul space to grow and be present.

no judgment in the creative process, just a safe space that inspires and kindly challenges you to connect to your artist voice.


Materials: watercolor paint and 8 1/2" by 11" copy paper , paintbrushes & black fine point sharpie.

intergenerational clase de arte
nurture series 


an inspiring quality that  encourages care and growth to develop trust, strength and love.

nurture your growth as an artist each week

by creating same image and exploring different  art materials 

"nurture"  inter-generational  Arte classes


All ages, all levels and loved ones are invited to create arte together

monday & wednesday 's 1:00-2:00 pm & 6:00-7:00 pm pst

"nurture series" 

often nurturing qualities can be seen in beautiful animals and their behavior.

I am inspired to teach you how to draw, illustrate, paint and design

specific animals that show and share nurturing qualities.

My approach for this month of august will be to teach the same art image/study

on Monday and Wednesday with different materials and technique on both of those days.

Please Note: you are invited to attend all clases de arte  or drop in at your convenience.

(class description, prices, & materials info below)

week 1: art techniques explored in nurture series

      Week 1       giraffe 

monday                   8/3    HB #2 Pencil, eraser, 1 inch or wider paint brush, q-tips, 8 1/2 by 11 white paper of                                                              choice (copy paper, art journal, mixed media paper etc.) and ruler 

                                              drawing smudging technique 

wednesday             8/5    soft Pastels, pencil, eraser, ruler, and q-tips

                                               Soft pastel technique 

       Week 2      seahorse

monday                   8/10    Tempera or acrylic paint, paintbrushes, pencil, eraser, any scrape tool ( example:                                                          credit card or hard stock to scrape) and ruler

                                                painting scraping technique

wednesday             8/12    Black fine point sharpie, pencil, eraser, and ruler

                                                stippling technique 

      Week 3      whale

monday                   8/17     oil pastels

                                                 reverse technique, pencil, eraser, and  ruler

wednesday             8/19    watercolor paint, paintbrushes, pencil, eraser, and ruler

                                                 Monochromatic color scheme

                                                 watercolor painting technique

      Week 4      wolf

monday                   8/24   oil Pastels, scraping tool of choice ( toothpick, pointy scissors, or ballpoint pen,                                                      pencil, eraser and ruler )

                                                sgrafitto Technique 

wednesday             8/26   watercolor paint, paintbrushes, pencil, and eraser

                                                splashing watercolor technique


monday                     8/31     no art class on this day

must email Araceli @      carreraaraceli@hotmail.com      to reserve spot

site: class directed through zoom (Must download zoom app to participate)

Cost: $15.00 per class       20 spaces per class

ZOOM LINK will be emailed to all paid participants one hour prior to class start time.

If class participant has not completed payment at that time, he/she will be dropped from roster.

Open space will be filled with wait list participant.


arte membership 



art membership provides unlimited monthly art classes with Araceli.

take class on Monday's and Wednesday's at any time convenient to your family schedule. 

membership must be paid beginning of the month

classes missed within month will not be able to  roll over to next month

Payment:   Venmo @artaceli-carrera




          (the opportunity to take art  class  at a lower cost is present. i don't want finances to keep you from taking clase de arte with your familia)

 please note: if you are interested in attending clase de arte but you dont have the art materials, you are welcome to use materials you have at home. please also check out the list of materials below




some great and inexpensive

materials used in Clase de arte

                           private Lessons available 


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Crayola brand

colored pencils  

watercolor palette


Blick brand​

tempera paint

liquid watercolor

tru ray

sulphite heavyweight paper


water soluble oil pastels

sharpie brand

fine &ultra fine point

canson brand

mixed media paper

papermate or bic pens 




copy paper


index cards

paper bags

aluminum foil



manila folders


blick art materials

artist & craftsman supply san diego



materials we use that you

might already have at home

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