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             La belleza de uno se descubre cuando se habla con la verdad, el arte es mi verdad.

                         Beauty within is discovered when one speaks truth, art is my truth.

                                                                                                                          Araceli carrera              


Art has been an essential part of my growth & I became in awe of its beauty as soon as I was able to discover it. I have been fortunate to experience it as individual, student, teacher and mentor.


My experience with art is diverse.  I have been able to create it on stage, for the stage, in the classroom and through exhibition.  Art has also lent itself to collaboration with dancers, costumes & puppetry. Discovering new art opportunities ignites my heart, like how in 2020 I was invited to create my first 18 foot mural at High Tech Elementary titled "leer" and just this July 2021 I am honored to be working on my second mural"el Corazon y su Mariposa"in Barrio Logan for Monarch School's arts center.


I beleive art provides an inspiring and unconditional form of language where memorable moments exist. I look forward to sharing the diverse angles that art can be seen through and discovered, provoking creativity, and reflecting its infinite language.


I share with you some art pieces that reflect not only my personal art but art I have created for schools, choreographers, events, professional development workshops and art exhibits.

 Intreviews on Araceli Carrera

If interested in art, art residency for your school site, or private art lessons please contact 

                                                 2020 guest artist at high tech elementary creating the mural titled "leer/read"

                                   2021 Mural titled "El Corazon Y Su Mariposa" for the chrysalis: Monarch School center for the arts


El Corazon Y Su Mariposa

El Corazon Y Su Mariposa

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