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               ARTE Y DANZA IN SCHOOLS

in art and dance...                 

1. How do students Explore, Discover and Connect with visual art and dance? 

2. What is the responsibility, purpose and  intention of an artist/dancer? 

3. How do we speak and communicate  thoughtfully through art and dance?

I would love to share my love of teaching art story with you. 
both as a guest independent teaching artist & leading professional development workshops. 

I have been working as an independent contractor for 16 years and within my 22 years of being a Fine Arts Educator at many amazing schools like Freese Elementary, Logan elementary, and High tech high elementary the opportunity to continue teaching in schools is an honor.  One of the beautiful things that I get the opportunity to do when I am teaching in schools, is implementing academics through my art lesson plans. I have had the opportunity to teach science, math, and literacy through both art and dance.  In my art lessons I can support and enhance through an artistic lens the connection and understanding of any subject.  I am hopeful my teaching experience ignites an opportunity for an art exchange within your school/classroom. 

art and literacy: process, understanding, building, and connection
what I have done in the past with arts integration in a fourth-grade residency on literacy through art. In the art residency the most important thing for my 4th grade teacher at Freese Elementary was to have his students be excited about writing, investigating, researching, and creating stories where students could present fiction, non-fiction, info graphics, opinion writing and debate. My contribution as a visual teaching artist would have each of the students create a piece that included literacy through an artistic lens. The opportunity for students to develop a deeper connection to both art and literacy becomes interchangeable.

In creating an opinion writing, we would first read and discuss an article. This article was a part of the scholastic magazine titled Meet the Beasts.  We discussed this question: Does Bigfoot really exist?  Our reading led us to different opinions.  Some students said Bigfoot did exist and many said it did not. In having the discussion with my students, a question arises to ignite curiosity: If you were to create a beast or creature that would ignite curiosity in our reading audience how would that creature look like? What would you write about this creature/beast?  We developed questions like: Where would it live?  What does it do? Is it tall? How does its skin look like? Does it look friendly or scary?  The writing piece would help students make a transition from developing an opinion writing into creating an actual visual art image of their beast or creature.  Details about the creature would allow the reader to decide if the creature is real or make believe? 

I would then transition into having each student create a frontal sketch of the creature focusing on the elements of line, shape, and texture. A second phase of that would be to have a close-up of an important part of the made-up beast or creature. The close-up would be highlighting the element of value and the principle of design emphasis. After the writing is done and the two art studies are finished, we would come together and design it as if we were presenting it in a magazine page. The design process would ask each student to understand the importance of diverse font, text, and image placement.

this is one example within the fourth-grade class, and I too have worked and taught with all grades K-5th, middle and high school students. I share my short lesson and teaching experience with you as an opportunity to work with you and your students at any point in time throughout the school year.
In my teaching background I also had the honor to experience teaching from 2015-2018 as an exploratory Art and Dance teacher at High Tech Elementary in Point Loma. the opportunity to Continue building a connection with many of you and be invited into your classroom to teach art that helps with your projects and classroom academics will be an honor.
if you have any questions and if this is something that you would be interested in having your student's experience
please email:
                                                           Site:      Class directed through zoom (Must download zoom app to participate)
                                     Art Materials:      Accessibility is a priority and I am more than happy to plan what best suits your students' needs.
                                                   Length:      1 hour or ( 6-12 week arts intergration &/or arts lesson in classroom residency also available)
                                                        Cost:      $150.00 per hr academic/art lesson plan (lesson on desired academic subject plus art instruction)
                                                                         on 6-12 week residency prices vary

If you are interested in an art lesson that explores only elements and/or principles of art through a specific art material and/or technique, art workshop, or professional development please feel free to reach out and I would love to discuss cost and options.

I love and feel honored when I get the opportunity to teach both art forms.

I look forward to have students in my arte y danza classes discover, connect and find their artist voice. 

Collaborating with my students to build and create an environment that inspires trust & growth.

in art and dance...                 

1. How do students Explore, Discover and Connect with visual art and dance? 

2. What is the responsibility, purpose and  intention of an artist/dancer? 

3. How do we speak and communicate  thoughtfully through art and dance?


 All visible art pieces displayed are from student artists created in classroom, workshops or summer camps.               If interested in art residency for your school site or private lesson for individual/group on               

zoom or Instagram live  please contact   



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A beautiful tribute given to Araceli on the impact of her teaching.

Narrated and created by 2016 5th grade student -Zoe 

 a kind invite to learn more about  Araceli Carrera

2016 art display at HTe grades k-5

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