impulse danza Company        


A San Diego based intergenerational Dance Company Directed by Araceli Carrera premiering in 2012 performing dance that cultivates and celebrates Art/Dance DIVERSITY. 


IMPULSE ignites and connects dance in a cultural, social and artistic way, by sharing dynamic, confident and Propelling dances to various types of audiences and performance spaces.


IMPULSE aims to activate the artist inside the dancer and each dancer’s inner impulse; to bring about action

that creates a focused and artful experience through dance. Araceli Carrera's choreography is infused with a variety of movement vocabulary.  hip hop, afro carribean movement, modern dance and Latin styles create her movement language. Impulse Danza company invites many guests to participate in different performance opportunities. "It is an honor to cultivate relationships with the artists that participate in my dance company" 

                                                                                                             ARACELI CARRERA

          IMPULSE-having a sudden inclination to do something and act on it. 

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choreography "I speak dance" 2014